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    Since 1961, the keys to our success are intelligent investments in R&D and technology, attention to detail, and the continued development and refinement of our material expertise. In everything we do, we always keep the system in mind.

    Our history

    From the 1960s to the 1980s Premec focused on the production of ball pen tips and gel tips for the writing industry, and quickly rose to international leader for range and production capacity. In addition to the production of premium water- and oil-based ink refills, Premec achieves the full know-how of writing systems, mastering the particularities of each different market and consumer requirements.

    Sensible and long-sighted investments guaranteed wide complementary competences, going from the production of balls for writing tips, to the formulation and manufacturing of the highest quality inks for a smooth, comfortable, modern writing feel.

    Between the 1990s and the 2000s, Premec transformed into an international group, creating additional logistics and service centres in Malaysia and China.

    In the early 2010s, Premec began producing high precision balls for industries other than writing, first carbide balls and then ceramic balls were added to production capacity.

    In 2018 Premec’s activities were integrated as Business Unit Premec Components (BUPC) inside the Pagani Pens S.A. Company.

    With the 2024 expansion of the production facility in Penang Malaysia, we have integrated the production of high-end refills in a new area equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure for the best best results in terms of quality and logistics.

    Our total production synergy and broad technical expertise mean we are capable of providing the highest service to the writing industry.

    • 1961

      Mr. Giorgio Pagani founds Premec in Lugano. It’s the beginning of a long exciting journey at the service of the industry of writing instruments worldwide.

    • 1980

      Premec gains recognition as market leader in the manufacturing of components, thanks to the product range, production volume and quality.

    • 2000

      Production centre is opened in Penang Malaysia to support the growing demand and guarantee the most effective logistics.

    • 2005

      Premec opens a logistics and assembly centre in Shanghai, China able to satisfy the important domestic market with the most accurate local support.

    • 2008

      New R&D centre for ink development and system integration in Switzerland.

    • 2010

      Complete refills for writing systems are manufactured and supplied in mass volumes all over the world.

    • 2013

      Premec embraces the production of finished pens, with a target to offer consistent premium products to the promotional and retail markets.

    • 2015

      Premec Europe opens in Italy, as a trading division, to serve the European markets for effective widespread distribution.

    • 2018

      In 2018 Premec’s activities integrated as Business Unit Premec Components (BUPC) inside Pagani Pens S.A.

    • 2024

      Expansion of production centre in Penang, Malaysia for the production of high-end refills and optimal logistics.

    Since 1961, and still going strong

    Premec has built up six decades of global experience while staying firmly rooted in Ticino, Switzerland.

    Discover how we can put our passion for R&D, expertise and decades of experience to work for you.

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