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  • 1961

    Mr. Giorgio Pagani founded Premec, with exclusive dedication to the production of tips for ball point pens.

  • 1970

    Premec is at the service of the Writing Instrument  Industries in both Western and Eastern Europe. Successful also in the Middle East, Central and South America and in some Asian areas, like India, Thailand and Singapore

  • 1980

    Premec gains recognition as a market leader thanks to its wide product range and its production volumes, while quality and service remain its top priority.

  • 1990

    100 ALBE machines and an annual production of 2 billion tips.
    The R&D and production teams are strengthened.

  • 1995

    Introduction of the new Gel tips investing huge resources in the advanced technologies of Mikron LX machines and related equipments and toolings. The investments over 10 years exceeded the value of 50 mio US$

  • 2000

    Creation of a specialised production centre in Malaysia: Premec Asia Pacific, with our know-how and our quality specifications.

  • 2002

    Creation and development of a division in Switzerland for production of oil based inks for internal use and distribution in the market.

  • 2003

    By the end of this year the production reached 4 billion pieces, in around 150 different types and models.

  • 2005

    Creation and development of a new centre in Shanghai for competence assistance. A new challenge to support our customers for a most effective and organised cooperation.

  • 2007

    Global production among all Units reached 6 billion pieces with a total of workers and employees of 280 people.

  • 2010

    Implementation of a trading division in Shanghai, for direct sale in the domestic market, specially oriented to gel tips manufactured in Premec Malaysia and Switzerland

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